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Privacy policy

This website is operated by me, Sven Koschnicke, and I am responsible in terms of data protection rights (see my full address on the about page).

When using this website, no personal information about you is stored by me.

When your browser-software requests a part of this website, it sends some request information to the server providing the website. This request information includes:

The request information is required by the server to process your request of the website (Article 6.1(f) GDPR) and is discarded as soon as this request is fulfilled.

Your privacy is very important to me. For this reason, I do not use any third party services on my website, which would receive your request information. I also do not set any cookies which would allow to track you navigating my website. My website is only available over TLS, the standard for encrypted HTTP (called HTTPS), preventing other from seeing or changing the requested sites (only the hostname,, for the request is not encrypted, which is a feature of the SNI extension to TLS and allows the server to serve more than one website over TLS).

When you contact me, I store the personal information which is provided along with your message to me. I keep this data as long as necessary for our conversation (Article 6.1(b) GDPR) and as required by law (which is six years for business correspondence in germany, Article 257(4) german commercial code, HGB). Conversations over e-mail are not encrypted by default and you should use PGP to encrypt e-mails. You can find my PGP-key at

When I work for you, I store your contact data in my invoice system, which is called Harvest and is operated by Iridesco, LLC d/b/a Harvest, a New York (USA) limited liability company. Harvest is fully GDPR compliant (see Harvest's privacy policy). Invoices are stored ten years as required by german law (Article 257(4) german commercial code, HGB).

Additionally to normal bank transfer you can pay me using PayPal and Stripe. When using one of these third party services, the service receives your payment data. You can consult the PayPal privacy policy and the Stripe privacy policy for further details.

In any case, I follow industry standards of technical, physical and administrative security to safeguard your personal information.

If you want to access or change your personal data that I store, you may contact me. You have the right to disclosure, correction, deletion or constraint of your personal data, if permitted by law.

If you are unhappy about how I handle your personal data, you may complain to any data privacy authority. For example to the Independent Centre for Privacy Protection Schleswig-Holstein.

This privacy policy was last updated on January, 27th 2020. You can see all revisions on GitHub.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.